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Cardiology Fellowship in Figures

Are you interested of learning about the profession of being a cardiologist? To become a cardiologist may be one of the most interesting and yet a challenging job to undertake because it requires knowledge, skills and abilities to perform your job duties and responsibilities. Before you become one, you may be interested learning of some facts about career paths, salary and pros and cons, among other things, for people in the field.

Profession of a Cardiologist in Figures

  • $200,000 to $250,00 is the cost of studying in the medical school
  • Pros: Favorable employment growth, high wages as compared to other occupations, good job prospects and ability to help people with diseases.
  • Cons: Extensive education and training, long hours of work may be required, medical school acceptance is very competitive and educational debt can be very expensive.
  • Approximate salary is $357,000; cardiology school graduates, $200,000; and top cardiologists, $800,000

What Are the Highest Paid Cardiological Professions?

  • Electrophysiology, $601,000
  • Invasive cardiology, $550,000
  • Invasive-interventional cardiology, $586,765

What Are Career Paths?

  • General cardiology
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Electrophysiology
  • Echocarrdiography
  • Nuclear cardiology
  • Heart failure and heart transplant

What Are the Best Educational Establishments for Cardiologists?

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Stanford university
  3. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  4. University of Alabama (Birmingham)
  5. University of Michigan

If you’re looking to apply to become a cardiology student, feel free going over these interesting facts that you may find helpful when looking for information on the highest paid professions, career paths and best educational establishment for cardiologist. Finally, consider creating an impressive application so that it can help you in your application to become a cardiologist. One of that is writing your cardiology personal statement.

profession of a cardiologist in fugures

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