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Reliable Cardiology Observership Help

As one of the most studied branches of medicine, experience in cardiology is increasingly becoming important for IMGs the world over. And that’s why you as an IMG need to land an effective cardiology observership opportunity in the United States to enhance your skills.

Where Do I Begin with My Cardiology Observership Application?

observership in cardiology application

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There are a few application documents you need to have before effectively applying for an observership. The first one is cardiology personal statement. Though it may vary depending on the institution and if you’re applying for observership programs for foreign medical graduates, the set of documents obviously may be a bit different. But here are some of the common ones:

  • A short and simple CV highlighting your educational background and reasons for requesting an observership.
  • A letter from your medical school. This is to ascertain whether you were a medical student in a certified medical school and whether you were in good standing.
  • Copy of your medical school degree. Most institutions prefer the degree or diploma to have been attained by the student at most 5 years prior to applying.
  • A current record of your immunization. These are safety precautions taken by the United States government to ensure their citizens are protected from tropical diseases.
  • Recent documentation of influenza vaccine. Part of the safety precautions and procedures implemented by the US government to permit entry.
  • Proof of a TB test within the last year. It is recommended to have a TB test showing negative results in the last year.
  • A copy of your identification photo. This is required for verification to show that you are who you claim to be.
  • A copy of your USMLE. You need to have a copy of your United States Medical Licensing Examination on the ready. Some institutions require USMLE Step I, II, or even III to allow observership. It’s also advisable that you have a score of at least 210 or higher to increase your chances of being accepted.

Few Tips to Writing a Great Recommendation Letter for Cardiology Observership

In order to gain acceptance for an obsevership and become a part of cardiology fellowship in any medical institution, writing a great recommendation letter to go alongside your documents and credentials is important. Most IMGs usually write half-baked recommendation letters without really taking into consideration some of the factors we will mention below:

  • The attendant reading your letter is a human being. Most of the time, attendants are so busy that they have little time to go through each and every application. They are likely to select an IMG who is precise to the point, and who knows what he or she wants to gain from the observeship.
  • Make your emails/ recommendations short and simple. Since your attendant is usually strapped for time, they normally skim through application emails to find the best one for selection. Keeping it short, straightforward, and simple increases your chances of getting an opportunity for observership.
  • Make the work easier for them in your application. Most IMGs admit that while applying for observership, their attendants seem to have no idea on the rules and regulations for the given program in their medical institutions. It’s therefore great to familiarize yourself with the rules before applying.

cardiology observership application componentsHow to Succeed Once You Land a Cardiology Observership Opportunity

It’s common to see IMGs on online forums asking what should I look for for during my observership? Well, here are a few things you should keep in mind to make the experience a total success:

  • Punctuality and Dedication. Be present and actively involved during the period of observership. Not only will you be in good books with your attendant, but also with the institution itself for future references.
  • Know the limitations of observerships. As an observer, you are relegated to observing and recording what you see during your stay. At no point are you allowed to perform vital tasks such as examining, or counselling patients unless under strict supervision by your attendant.
  • Research – If you have an interest in research, or would like to broaden your academics, then involving yourself during on-going research programs at the institution is a great way to do this!

That being said, the best way to create a successful application for observership is by relying on professionals that have the right set of skills and experience to assist you in your application process. Our expert team of medical professionals is your ideal partner. We will handle your application and ensure that it meets the standards of top medical institutions offering observership in USA, that will be remembered as “that pleasant days during my observership in cardiology”.

We also offer application assistance for cardiology externship; especially to first year medical students who would like some hands-on activity. Some of the duties in cardiology externship will include patient care, and exposure to the daily running of the medical institution.

In fact, Data Obtained from the ECFMG shows that more than 90% of American IMGs undergo some type of U.S. based clinical experience before successfully matching. Therefore, observership programs for foreign medical students play a big role in integrating them easily into the American market.

For all kinds of assistance with your cardiology observership application, get in touch with us today and enjoy your successful admission!