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University Of Colorado Cardiology Fellowship

Applying for a University of Colorado Cardiology Fellowship

The University of Colorado cardiology division has an excellent reputation for the training of clinical and academic cardiologists. It is counted among the best cardiology fellowship programs and offers a comprehensive clinical and research environment. A broad exposure to multiple cardiovascular disease states is ensured through incorporating rotations and experiences at three large hospitals into fellowship training.

Fellows with interests in health services research will have the opportunity to receive a Masters or Ph.D. degree in Public Health through the School of Biometrics and Public Health. The University of Colorado cardiology fellowship program accepts five fellows into its program annually. The number of applicants is generally significantly more than the available openings. Fellows receive a stipend that is in the $60 thousand per year range.

The following documents should be submitted through ERAS when applying to the cardiology fellowship program:

  • Deans Letter/MSPE
  • Medical school transcripts
  • USMLE Scores
  • CV
  • Personal statement of interest
  • Three letters of recommendation. One should be from your residency program director

All visa applications are welcomed and reviewed on a case by case basis. The optimal length for the personal statement is 250 to 650 words.

Questions to address in your personal statement and the way you need to answer them are below:

Provide the examples. Answer the question “What are your strongest features?”. If you claim that compassion is one of your strongest features include the examples from your professional academic career or the volunteering/internship that can clearly illustrate that feature of yours. Answer the question “What are your superior at?”,  when answering this question focus specifically at the ability to learn constantly and relentlessly, to strengthen the statement tell about your successful projects.

Explain what specialist you are planning to become. Basically, it’s a giving an answer to the question like “What specialty have you already picked?”. Don’t be shy to put your real intentions. You might see yourself as a compassionate caregiver, a professional researcher that will expand the knowledge base in cardiology or the educator, who will be responsible for preparing the new industry specialists.

How are you intended to help? “How do you express your interest in science and learning?”,”What is especially meaningful to you when you are solving the problems?”,”What are your plans for the future that you plan to accomplish with your new degree and how you plan to do this?” When describing your attitudes and plans don’t be shy to put them as they are, even if you have not already focused on the stages and separate details.

Writing the University of Colorado Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement

The cardiology fellowship personal statement is one of the best ways you have to stand out when applying to a competitive program like that at the University of Colorado. Review some successful cardiology fellowship personal statement examples for an idea of the type of thing fellowship selection committees are looking for. The following are some tips and suggestions for writing your University of Colorado cardiology fellowship personal statement:

  • Use the personal statement to explain to the fellowship selection committee the qualifications you possess that make you a suitable applicant.
  • Show a connection between the University of Colorado fellowship program and your short and long term career goals. Target your personal statement to the program.
  • Be specific in your personal statement. Avoid generic or general statements. Back up statements with examples.
  • Proofread. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors could be taken as a sign you don’t care enough about being accepted to bother checking for mistakes.

If you are unsure of the best way to write your personal statement, or lack the time to do it properly, our cardiology fellowship personal statement service is ready to assist you.

Our Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement Service

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We provide custom cardiology fellowship personal statement writing that will improve your chances of getting into the program you want. Our writers are skilled professionals with advanced degrees in cardiology or a related field. Every writer we use has extensive experience working on cardiology personal statements and is familiar with the different cardiology fellowship programs. The will provide you with an original personal statement tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additional benefits of using our service include:

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