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University of Iowa Cardiology Fellowship Program

Applying for an Iowa Cardiology Fellowship

The University of Iowa has a fellowship training program with an emphasis on preparation for a career in academic cardiology. Those accepted for a cardiology fellowship will receive comprehensive training in all major aspects of clinical cardiology combined with training in basic and clinical cardiovascular research. The Iowa health cardiology fellowship also provides the opportunity for research training with scientists in other departments who are involved in research programs within the interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Center.

This experience is integrated with clinical training in preparation for an academic career. The stipend for Iowa cardiology fellows will depend on the number of years of training they have received. Generally for cardiology fellows it will be around $60 thousand per year. Prerequisites for fellowship application are an MD or DO degree and completion of an approved residency in Internal Medicine.

The application is made through ERAS and will include the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of the applicant’s long-term career goal and field of interest
  • Dean’s letter/MSPE
  • Three current letters of recommendation
  • Copies of ECFMG scores for Steps I, II, and III (if completed)
  • Applicant’s transcripts for USMLE Steps 1, 2, and 3
  • Medical school transcript

Publications and manuscripts, if applicable, can be listed in the summary sheet and CV sections of the ERAS application. An un-mounted recent photograph of applicant must accompany the application or be provided at time of interview. Applicants with a J1 or H1b visa with high scores and research publications will be considered. Although not as competitive as some programs there are still more applicants for the eight fellowship positions Iowa cardiology program has than openings.

Writing the Iowa Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement

iowa cardiology fellowship

Image credit: divms.uiowa.edu

Iowa cardiology fellowship applicants should first and foremost answer the question in their personal statement. The fellowship committee wants to know your long-term career goal and specific area of interest. Applicants interested in applying for a 4 year fellowship program for training as academic physician-scientists are encouraged to mention their objective clearly in the personal statement. Here are some basic cardiology fellowship personal statement tips you should keep in mind:

  • Keep your personal statement brief: Your fellowship personal statement should be no longer than one page. 5300 characters and spaces is the limit.
  • Avoid clichés and quotations: Selection committees would prefer to hear about you in your own words.
  • Show a relationship between your goals and the program: The Iowa cardiology fellowship committee is asking specifically about your long-term goals. It will help your case to show a direct relationship between your goals and their program.
  • Proofread: Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors may be overlooked for first time college applicants, but not for doctors.

If you are having trouble with the personal statement or just lack the time to focus on it, our cardiology fellowship personal statement service can help.

Questions to address in your personal statement and the way you need to answer them are below:

Target only important questions. “Why should the program choose me?”, “What is so special about me that really can stand out?”, “Why is the program can be a perfect fit for me?”. The purpose of the personal statement is to deliver why the program is best for you and why you are the best for the program. List the things that in your opinion make you special and why you find program special to the point that it can’t be replaced by any other.

Show your excellence. Try to focus on your strongest features, in the personal statement skip the excuses and try to provide the definitive answers on such question like: “What is my greatest academic achievement?”, “What are those personal/extracurricular activities that I can be proud of?”. Use the examples that can prove your claims or feature some research experience where you were able to achieve remarkable results.

All in advance. For the Iowa fellowship, it will be possible to double your chances by writing a statement of purpose beforehand. You will want ample time to discuss the content with your mentors.

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