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Yale Cardiology Fellowship Program

Apply for a Yale Cardiology Fellowship

The Yale cardiology fellowship program is considered one of the top tier cardiology fellowship programs in the U.S. There were over 500 initial applicants for the nine available cardiology fellowships in 2015. In other words less than 2 percent of those applying were accepted into the Yale cardiology program. The fellowship program emphasizes training of academic cardiologists who will become leaders in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular research.

The Yale pediatric cardiology program usually accepts one or two new fellow every year also. The yearly stipend for Yale cardiology fellows is around $60 thousand. If you are not an internal medicine resident at Yale the best way to improve your chances of entering their cardiology fellowship program is the cardiology fellowship personal statement.

Applicants to the cardiology fellowship program should submit the following documents via ERAS:

  • ERAS Common Application Form (CAF)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation; and 1 letter from your Residency Program Director in Internal Medicine
  • ECFMG status report if applicable
  • Personal statement

Yale’s cardiology program does not require you to submit Dean’s letter/MSPE, your medical school transcript or your USMLE scores. They do accept applications from individuals holding J-1 visas. Four of the nine fellows selected for 2015 completed their residency training at Yale.

Questions to address in your personal statement and the way you need to answer them are below:

What you proposing to do with the fellowship. “Where and why are you intended to use the degree in the future?. If you will be able to make the right fit for the program the statement will be several times stronger. Explain why you find the program good for your future and why you are good for the University’s future. What sheds light on key points or advances your argument? write it honestly.

Your best features. Lassic question to uncover in your personal statement is “Why you are the best for the program?”. Answering on this one you can use two approaches. The first one will be just listing your qualities in the list but that is the insufficient one. What truly should be present here is either someone else’s presentation of your best features or the example where your strong features were applied.

Important experiences. “What were the most important experiences in your academic career that affected you the most?”,”What important skill or lesson you learned from this experience?”. Think of the most bright experiences that affected the way to perceive the cardiology career as it is now, write about things that influenced you the most.

Writing the Yale Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement

The cardiology fellowship personal statement you submit is one way to improve your chances of getting into the Yale cardiology fellowship program. It needs to get the attention of the fellowship committee and create enough interest that you are invited to interview. Review a successful cardiology fellowship personal statement example to get some idea as to how you should write your own. The following are some tips to keep in mind when writing your personal statement:

  • Display your qualifications for a cardiology fellowship. The personal statements that usually work best are those that focus on:
    • An issue or experience you feel strongly about that has helped to make you who you are
    • An accomplishment or contribution you have made to the field
  • Target your personal statement at the Yale cardiology fellowship program. Show how your goals relate specifically to the program
  • Avoid clichés and quotations. It is always better to use your own words
  • Write clearly and concisely. Make sure your statement is easily understood and gets directly to the point.

Should you have any trouble writing your personal statement or find yourself lacking time, our cardiology fellowship personal statement service will be happy to assist you.

Our Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement Service

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